About Stephanie Smith

Stephanie has always been fascinated by change.

Stephanie spent 14 years working with senior managers and directors in the water and telecoms industries on behavioural and business change.  In reality this meant understanding people’s differing attitudes to change and how that would support, accelerate or delay changes to the business.

In 2010, Stephanie created a change of her own by resigning from her corporate role to become a full time career coach.

 “Studying for my chemistry* degree, I spent hours crafting ingredients, planning the conditions and controlling the environment for my experiments.  Even with that care and attention, sometimes the smallest adjustment would make a huge difference.  Perhaps I was just a bad chemist but loved that element of unpredictability and uncertainty.

I see the choices we make in our lives in the same way.  We can set an intention, make a plan, consider our options, measure results but we cannot control everything around us. Sometimes we just have to do our best and see what happens.”

- Stephanie Smith

 *Chemistry is the science of change - Walter White, Breaking Bad



  • Stephanie works with Senior Managers, Directors and business owners.
  • She has a warm, intuitive coaching approach, using her curiosity and directness to encourage clients to explore their goals, motivations and leadership style
  • With specific experience of change in a corporate environment, she understands the challenges faced by leaders and teams in a constantly changing business environment