Leading Teams

What creates a high performing team?

The People. This may sound glib but the highest performing teams focus as much effort on people as they do on processes.

You may already have great processes, top notch training and simple, meaningful goals. Add to that personal responsibility, flexibility, choice, alignment and commitment and you’ll have the best team anywhere.

My work with teams begins with the individual. Together we

  • Understand and appreciate ourselves, our values and motivations
  • Consider how others may see the world differently
  • Appreciate how differences make stronger teams
  • Learn how good communication strengthens relationships

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”
– George Bernard Shaw


“Steph has an amazing ability to engage. She finds just the right balance between support and challenge, both smart and empathetic. Her insights are razor sharp and she never fails to deliver with impact. I would recommend Steph for both individual and group coaching and development.”
Jenny Sergeant, Partner, True Colors UK LLP

Case Study

Review of the emotional resilience programme Stephanie co-delivered within the NHS