What my clients say

Career Change

“Steph is excellent at bringing clarity and reasoning to professional development
and career decisions. The work I have done with Steph has been worth its weight and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to develop and improve their capabilities, outlook or direction.”

Chris Bevan, Founder and Managing Director, Auxilio

“On the surface, my career looked successful - I had climbed the ladder and held a senior position in a fast-moving industry. Inside I knew I wanted to do something different and needed to move on - but I felt frustrated that I didn't know where to begin. Steph helped me to reconnect with my passions and values and to get real clarity on what's important to me - both in thought and in feeling. I came away from each one feeling that I'd dug deep inside myself and really worked hard, but at the same time I felt energised, motivated and a real sense of achievement. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for in my new career direction - but I know how I want it to feel and why. That gives me energy and motivation every day, and I'm so grateful to Steph for helping me get to this powerful new place - thank you!”
CM, Senior Manager, Blackberry RIM

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Career Leadership

“Thank you for this morning, I feel I am coming along in leaps and bounds. I am delighted that I was lucky enough to choose you as my coach. I feel you are so in tune with me during the sessions, i love the constant revelations I am experiencing through you.”
Senior Director, Oracle

“Looking outwardly at really successful leadership I wondered; what are qualities that set respected and successful leaders apart. We broke down my beliefs, examining and challenging each belief to get to the route cause – this had a lasting effect. The answer may have been easy, believe in yourself; would that have had a lasting effect by not tearing all the “demons,” away? I suspect not, the journey taught me a lot. My motivation for coaching sessions was to be successful at my job and progress at a rate I was dictating. This rate was accelerated for me, and I am in no doubt Steph’s work had a part to play in this.”
Senior Leader, Global Telecoms Organisation

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“I have worked with Stephanie in various capacities and I have alway found her warmth and professionalism outstanding. She really empathises with her clients and she has a unique ability to coach them in such a way that she always gets excellent results. I am delighted to recommend Stephanie and I have throughly enjoyed working with her. I look forward to working with her again in the very near future.”
Jayne Wells, Director, Abundant Therapist

Team Leadership

“Steph has an amazing ability to engage. She finds just the right balance between support and challenge, both smart and empathetic. Her insights are razor sharp and she never fails to deliver with impact. I would recommend Steph for both individual and group coaching and development.”
Jenny Sergeant, Partner, True Colors UK LLP

Review of the emotional resilience programme Stephanie co-delivered within the NHS

Managing Maternity

“I worked with Stephanie to explore my options for returning to work, what it was I really wanted, how I could balance my working and family life, and re-build my confidence after some time out of the work place. I always felt so positive after our sessions, and she gave me the confidence to make some changes in my life.”
Sarah Leach, Mum of Two with over 10 years corporate managerial experience

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